Friday, 9 December 2011

We Have The Funding For An Inulin Pump YIPEE!!!!!!

After having a visit with Diabetic nurses we ahve been told that the PCT are going to let Rebekah have an insulin pump. We have to say a very special thank you to my very good friend Angela Allison who has been a tower of strength, she kept us focused and helped to write letters and emails when we felt like giving up.
So we are just waiting now to get the ball rolling.
We also had a visit to the hospital on the 16th October Rebekah had a chest infection and her sugars had gone up to 30, thankfully after a night in hospital she was allowed home on antibiotics.
It still amazes me that a lot of people don't understand that being Type 1 Diabetic it is not just about the insulin it effects eveything your immune system when your ill your eyes, your feet, need I go on.



Wednesday, 16 March 2011

one year on

Thursday the 29th October 2009 started as usual we where getting ready to have a lovely weekend away in London. Our daughter Rebekah was feeling poorly lethergic, and vomiting so we made the decision to leave her in the care of my parents. Little did we know that 10 hours later she would be on the high dependency ward on ward 8. Rebekah was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic meaning that she would now have to have insulin 4 times a day before she eats. In the first few days of the diagnosis it was a bit of a blur, I kept asking myself why Rebekah, why my beautiful daughter for the first time in my life I felt like I had let her down, as mums are supposed to protect their precious children. Then came the hard work going into school with Elaine the diabetic nurse making sure everything was in place for when Rebekah went back into school, and explaining things in simple form for Rebekahs little brother Matthew who was only 8 years old at the time, but he was so protective of his big sister and was always asking if she was ok and if she needed anything, we put together a hypo box which was kept in a place in easy access for everyone, and finding room for all the medication Rebekah was now on.

Our First Visit To The Young Diabetic Clinic

Tuesday 15th March 2011

Rebakah's appointment was with Dr Kaushal. We discussed the possiblity of maybe Rebekah going on the Omni Pod. Dr Kaushal said she would like Rebekah to start carb counting then we can discuss the pump in four months time, but other than the blood tests ( which bex really doesn't like) everything else is going well. We are really excited about going down to London next Tuesday, so watch this space

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Being a student at Runshaw College

Saturday 29th January 2011

AS you all know my blog is about my Daughter Rebekah. Anyway Rebekah started Runshaw College is September 2010, and she is doing Forensic Science. Since starting college Rebekah has missed some days at college because due to having some quite bad hypo's and having a cold and flu bug, so her attendance is low. I arranged a meeting with Rebekah's tutor Tania Meredith to discuss this and how Rebekah was doing and other than the attendance I was told not to worry, we also both decided that a formal warning would be the right course of action. When Rebekah came home from college last night she told me that Tania had informed her that if she has any more time off then she would be kicked off the course. So basically and in Rebekah's own words she has to get into college even if she is dying.
I could not believe my ears, this is discrimination as if Rebekah hasn't got enough to think of especially as she has only being diagnosed diabetic just over a year.
I would be very grateful if anyone has any advice on the matter, my friend Angela Allison is going to help do a letter tomorrow.


Karen Hogg